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"Classical Techniques of Self-Protection Refined for Today's Violent World"

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Article: Stop Living in Fear! Cutting edge research on how to avoid being the next victim

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Miyama Ryu promotes knowledge, understanding and practice of self-protection internationally.

We seek to accomplish our mission through educating and training students and teachers and providing examinations to reward achievement.

You will learn how to defend yourself against mugs, grabs, punches, chokes, weapons attacks and even multiple attackers. Use this site to find out more about classes, instructional books, and seminars, and to get timely information on how not to become the victim of a violent crime.

Miyama Ryu is not a sport.

We invite you to use this site to see why Miyama Ryu is a top choice from beginning students of self defense to developers of martial arts, law enforcement courses, and military hand-to-hand combat courses.

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